At Forever Gardens, our stock is constantly changing, giving you a wide selection of plants, trees, flowers and more. We also have three separate vans based in three regions (Sydney, Newcastle and Port Stevens). No matter where you are located, we are available to serve you. Take a look at the following pages to view our product range:

We offer a fantastic selection of artificial trees, plants and flowers to give your home, business or restaurant, the style you are looking for. 
Maintenance and hassle free.
Waterless Gardens.


  Created By Karen

Take a moment to look through our gallery to see what some of our most popular arrangements look like. We sell artificial flowers that look so real you can’t believe they are not!
Real Touch.
If you have a special occasion coming up and you don’t want to purchase  artificial flowers, plants & trees that you’ll have no room to store,  when the event is over. We offer rentals that will fit your style and your budget.
Contact Us
If you have any special requests, questions or need further information on our artificial flowers, plants or trees.
Now stocking Bridal Bouquets
Please call on 1300 FOREVER


  Created By Suzie

Beautiful Trees, Flowers, and Plants

Product Range
Trees & Greenery
We have an incredible selection of beautiful trees, grasses & greenery that will look great all year long.
Flower Arrangements
Available in a rainbow of colours and styles, we have flower arrangements for all your needs.
Single Stem Flowers
We have single stem flower solutions that will always look great without needing to be watered.
Bridal Arrangements
We can create a beautiful bridal arrangement that will last forever.

About Us
We specialise in artificial flowers, plants and trees. 

Your customers, clients, friends, family and guests will be impressed by how realistic they are!

Forever Gardens is located in beautiful Nelson Bay at Port Stephens NSW. We have the resources to create all floral arrangements to suit every occasion. 

Be sure to visit one of our stores!
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