Grass Purple wavy vanilla grass 25cm $11.50

Purple Tip Wavy Vanilla Grass
25cm $11.50

Grass Springier Bush 15cm $12.50 GR106

Springier Bush Grass
15cm $12.50

Grass Vanilla 15cm $10 GR104

 Vanilla Grass
15cm $10.00

Grass Greenery Bush 30cm $12.50 GR105

 Greenery Bush Grass
30cm $12.50

Green Podocarpus Grass 45cm $11.50 GR107

 Green Podocarpus Grass
45cm $11.50

Grass wavy vanilla 25cm $11.50 GR109

Wavy Vanilla Grass
25cm $11.50

Grass Vanilla Purple tip 25cm $9 GR115

 Vanilla Purple Tip Grass
25cm $9.00

Grass Podocarpus purple tip 45cm $11.50 GR119

 Podocarpus Purple Tip Grass
45cm $11.50

Flowering grass 45cm $15 GR 116

 Flowering Grass
45cm $15.00

Greenery Bush Purple tip 25cm $12.50 GR117

 Purple Tip Greenery Bush
25cm $12.50

Grass Vanilla 25cm $9 GR101

 Vanilla Grass
25cm $9.00

Grass Green/Red 81cm $29 GR119

Green/Red Grass
81cm $29.00

Grass Vanilla 25cm $9 GR101

Vanilla Grass
25cm $9.00

Grass 137cm Foxtail bush $42 COMING SOON GR120

Foxtail Bush
Coming Soon

137cm $42.00

Grass Boxwood OUT OF STOCK GR102

Boxwood Grass
Out of Stock