If you have need for flowers, plants or trees for a special event, you probably don’t want to shell out the extra money it costs for real ones. They are very expensive, and then you have the problem of what to do with them after the event is over.

At Forever Gardens, we have a great selection of artificial plants, flowers and trees available to rent for any and all events. Available in all colours and sizes, our rentals are the perfect solution for your needs. Call us for more details on how you can rent the plants, flowers and trees you need.
Pond Grass Green
Size: 90cm 
Rental: $5.00 per week
Pond Grass Green
Size: 1.22 metre
Rental: $7.50 per week
Pampas Grass
Size: 1.52 metre
Rental: $10.00 per week.
Pampas Grass
Size: 1.8 metre
Rental: $12.50 per week. 
We would like to suggest the above home, office or restaurant pack of pond and pampas grasses delivered and displayed for just $40.00 per week. Minimum 4 week rental. Normally $47.50 per week. Special $40.00 per week including G.S.T
3 x 90cm Pond Grass
2 x 1.52 metre Pampas Grass
1 x 1.8 metre Pampas Grass

If you have any questions about our rental options, please give us a call. Phone 1300FOREVER
We would love to help you.

Hill's District & Upper North Shore Sydney - Suzie 0400519892

Hawkesbury, Central Coast & Lower Newcastle - Mel 0434010537

Port Stephens, Newcastle & Hunter District - Karen 0427999196

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